Leafy fellows on the brink of death

So I have my last exam tomorrow and then I’ve got to pack up my shit and head home.  The main concern is fitting all my shit in my tiny car.  I have a whole lot of shit.  And then I have these plants.  These two pathetic plants I keep in my room.

One’s coriander or some ridiculous herb and the other is  ‘Downy Phlox’ flower.  I know this because I goggled the shit out of that little sprout to find instructions on how to keep it alive.  Neither are doing that alive thing terribly well but they haven’t kicked the bucket just yet- which is a real achievement on my behalf.  Feel free to send me a sticker or a ribbon or something.

So these fucking plants right.  If they’re on the brink of dying despite my considerate watering rituals, then those pathetic sprouts have no chance alone in my room for four weeks.  Anyway so here’s the issue: how the shit am I going to transport those two leafy fellows without their soily insides going all over my car floor?

Get back to me alright.  Otherwise, consider their demise partly your fault.  


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