Don’t come near me you yellow Ronald McDonald

Oh Christ.  I just agreed to stay at this kid’s house.  Only it’s not the right kid.  Yeah.  I thought I was talking to this nice but awkward kid.  But it’s this freako stalk guy.  Not even flattering myself here, this kid says hi up to 12 times on Facebook chat with no response from me.  NO RESPONSE.  And the best part is he does this little cat and mouse game (re: working on his AVO count) with almost every girl i’ve spoken to.  So he’s all,

“nah but yeh when do u start?

im happy if u wanna come stay at my mums aye


so ?
im off text me”
Jjust to clarify, he posted his number but I took that out.  Don’t want you guyths thinking I have this ninconpoop’s number or something.  Oh and each post is in 2 minute intervals.  With no response from me ‘cos I was busy choking on my felafel.
Well no, but I was laughing at this little situation I like to coin ‘Worse Than Sleeping With A Midget’.  

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