So I submitted one of my posts to Hello Giggles.

So I submitted one of my posts to HelloGiggles. The Don’t Let Trolls Socialise one.  Yeah well they send me this email saying,

“Thanks so much for your submission. We currently have it in a review file and in the next two weeks, the editors will read through submissions to find the best fit in the editing schedule”… blab la bla

I scroll down and there’s a copy of my submission.  Only it has this retarded ‘I’’ in between every 5th world.  I look like a fucking moron with typing tourettes.

I want to email those funny bitches and tell them I’m not retarded.  I’ll just casually reply to their email explaining that I realise “don’t” isn’t a word and neither is “teen’”.  That’ll work right?  Rightrightright?

They’ll chortle (maybe even snort laugh) and be all, “this bitch is funny.  Thank fuck she doesn’t have typing tourettes, all her cuss words are completely intentional.  Let’s give her a regular column”.

Yeah. That’s how it would happen people.

Oh and I’ve done a mock-up of what my bio would look like on their page.  Just chillin there, right alongside funny bitch Sade.


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