I used to consider myself a nature loving gal…

I mean, I loved trees; I even had a necklace with a tree pendant!

But NOT when there are 50 or so laughing, tree planting gurneys outside my window being loud and offending my hungover brain.

I’m not even kidding right now.  I checked to see what the commotion was earlier- by creepily peering outside through a tiny gap between the binds- and they were prancing around being all green.  I felt like you people needed a picture or something.  So I got my Iphone out, Hipstamatic at the ready, pulled the blind ever so slightly open…and BAM! Those deodorant shunning, frizzy haired, poncho wearing hippies are all congregating RIGHT there, RIGHT below my window.  I swear a few saw the top of my head.

That’s it nature, we’re on a break.  

2 Responses to “I used to consider myself a nature loving gal…”
  1. Luke says:

    Those ‘laughing, tree planting gurneys’ got free pizza 😉

  2. grandezombie says:

    That’d be right. Won’t walk further than the mini mart but you’ll sure as hell plant a few trees if there’s free pizza involved.

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