FlavourWire. The Field of Dreams. Or so I thought.

So, I’m dicking around on FlavourWire and I come across “How to Have Fun Over the Holidays, Without Leaving Home” CLIIIICCKKK.

I’ve got 4 months of holidays this summer and without a job, internetz and a tv this list is looking a little like a t-bone to a starving dog.


Okay so first, it suggests I watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Fuck man, genius idea, so pleased I have this list :/

Please let the next activity be not shit.

THEN it goes all bono on my ass and suggests I volunteer from home.  It’s all, “go to Zooinverse and support online projects”.  Psshhh, listen here Mr Shit List, if your target audience is people who don’t want to leave the house chances are they don’t have aspirations to play Mother Theresa.

It gets worse.

The next suggestion? Buddhify.com Before you go right ahead and type that ridiculous URL into your browser STOP, warning; it comes in the form of the website’s slogan- “Modern Meditation.  To go.” According to the list from hell, “holidays are supposed to be relaxing” and “If you want to nip all that bad mojo in the bud, try buddhify. An Iphone app that provides, “an accessible introduction to mental training, to help users make the most of dead time.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS?

Now it’s suggesting I play board games.

What a crock of shit.  I’m going back to bed.


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