FlavourWire. The Field of Dreams. Or so I thought.

So, I’m dicking around on FlavourWire and I come across “How to Have Fun Over the Holidays, Without Leaving Home” CLIIIICCKKK. I’ve got 4 months of holidays this summer and without a job, internetz and a tv this list is looking a little like a t-bone to a starving dog. Anyway, BRING ON THE ACTIVITIES! … Continue reading

So I’m watching…

Being Erica– a fantastic Canadian tv series might I add- and the main character is handed a vanilla latte.  She’s all grumpy and throws the latte into what is presumably a bin (the presumed bin is out of shot).  Anyway, this really bothered me.  Who throws a completely full cup of coffee in the bin…WITH … Continue reading

So I submitted one of my posts to Hello Giggles.

So I submitted one of my posts to HelloGiggles. The Don’t Let Trolls Socialise one.  Yeah well they send me this email saying, “Thanks so much for your submission. We currently have it in a review file and in the next two weeks, the editors will read through submissions to find the best fit in … Continue reading

And for the record, I do not have Chlamydia.

Okay, so I could sit here and pretend all my ridiculous antics happened in school and I’ve grown up to be a perfectly reasonable human being.  Well I’d be lying.  So let’s cut the horseradish and I’ll tell you a fairly recent story about why I’m still ridiculous and should be put outside. So I … Continue reading

Is it okay…

to drink coffee through a straw?  I want to lay but consume said beverage simultaneously.  difficulties.  

Improvements by way of candle.

Pour juice Place glass next to lit candle Lurklurklurk Pick lit candle up Put lit candle to lips Put self outside.