I have regrets.

After a year of going without FreeCell on my mac, I caved.  I downloaded the thing a mere day ago and I’ve already played at least a hundred games.  It kind of calms me in a way. So I’m looking at my stats, pretty displeased they weren’t perfect.  And then it hits me, I can … Continue reading

Okay so I cannot get over

that picture [WHY I DON’T EXERCISE].  I’m this close to sending it to this kid I know who goes to the gym everyday between the hours of 11 and 1am.  Just being all, ‘heyyyyyy we don’t really know each other but CHECK THIS OUT’.

Rubber bands in ma pocket

I love old people.  They’re all crazy and they smell like musk sticks.  I’ve decided that when I’m old, I’ll dye my hair flame red and drape myself in velvet.  I could even have a pimp stick! yeah.