Okay guys here’s more proof exercise is the devil.

I think my work is done. Advertisements

and this my friends will forever be…

    My excuse for not exercising. “George Hincapie has ridden the Tour de France 15 times and it shows. Check out what all of that intense cycling has done to the veins in his leg.” Read more: TOUR DE FRANCE: After 15 Years Of Racing, George Hincapie’s Leg Veins Are Terrifying.

A little thing I like to call, ‘The Preface System’.

There are certain things in this life that require an accompanying preface.  Kind of like how you read a synopsis before you hire a movie.  You stand there read the back cover and look out for words like, ‘dumped’, ‘disastrous’ and ‘Mexican’ in an effort to decipher if the movie is any good. Ideally, the … Continue reading

There are two kinds of people I don’t trust…

people who don’t drink and people who collect stickers.   So all y’all can pop off.

Tricks and Trolls; How to get friends when you’re socially handicapped.

The thing about being a troll is, you forget you are one.  It’s like I’m sitting there in the common room thinking I’m being a perfectly reasonable human being but in reality I should be put outside.  This makes it difficult to attract and maintain friendships.  But before you start jumping to all kinds of … Continue reading