A little thing I like to call, ‘The Preface System’.

There are certain things in this life that require an accompanying preface.  Kind of like how you read a synopsis before you hire a movie.  You stand there read the back cover and look out for words like, ‘dumped’, ‘disastrous’ and ‘Mexican’ in an effort to decipher if the movie is any good. Ideally, the … Continue reading

So I submitted one of my posts to Hello Giggles.

So I submitted one of my posts to HelloGiggles. The Don’t Let Trolls Socialise one.  Yeah well they send me this email saying, “Thanks so much for your submission. We currently have it in a review file and in the next two weeks, the editors will read through submissions to find the best fit in … Continue reading

When I was in preschool…

I would bite my best friend.  Like we were good pals and stuff, but I’d bite her on a semi-regular basis.  Biting aside, I mustn’t have been too awful a friend cos we maintained a friendship for over 10 years.  Needless (or completely necessary) to say, I stopped biting her as I grew older but … Continue reading

Images of New Orleans Neighborhood

Check out more images.

55 tweets in 24hrs…

Okay 50 Cent, it’s time to pop off.

What the shit is with…

Every bio of every one of my Twitter followers reading like a personal add on some elitist dating site?  They’re all , “I’m a Fitness, Nutrition & Life-Coach. Internet Marketer. Social Network Marketer.’ Like shit, just pick one man.  Overachieving assholes. Oh and in case you were wondering, my bio reads:  “I’m a synchronised skier, … Continue reading

It takes all kinds of willpower…

to not take photos while driving. This time I did it anyway.

Ex flame reappearance

So I was sitting on the couch taking a rather lengthy break from work when my ex flame appears on Today Tonight. The story’s about people being conned by a door-to-door salesman who convinces them to change their energy provider. So he’s there doing that wanky reenactment explaining the salesman promised him $300 off his … Continue reading

Ordered banana bread

From this cafe before work right. The girl mentions because it’s gluten free, it costs a little more. No problem. I wish she mentioned that because it’s gluten free it tastes like a turd bucket.

So I’m going to a meeting at Channel 10 today..

And I just keep thinking, ‘dont be a troll dont be a troll dont be a troll’. Totally stopped myself from taking the biggest handful of Starburst at Clemenger BBDO yesterday. If thats not a good sign, I dont know what is.

This guy.

Pipe down with the singing though.

Don’t come near me you yellow Ronald McDonald

Oh Christ.  I just agreed to stay at this kid’s house.  Only it’s not the right kid.  Yeah.  I thought I was talking to this nice but awkward kid.  But it’s this freako stalk guy.  Not even flattering myself here, this kid says hi up to 12 times on Facebook chat with no response from … Continue reading

Cat Bag

Bought this bag on the basis that it’s fucking hilarious. Good choice, no?

Riding bikes with Biscuit

I had this dog right.  I named him biscuit (big surprise, I name it after food).  Anyway, I made that poor fucker ride my bike with me.  He didn’t sit in the basket up front; When I say he rode my bike, I mean I put his hind legs on the top tube and his … Continue reading

And for the record, I do not have Chlamydia.

Okay, so I could sit here and pretend all my ridiculous antics happened in school and I’ve grown up to be a perfectly reasonable human being.  Well I’d be lying.  So let’s cut the horseradish and I’ll tell you a fairly recent story about why I’m still ridiculous and should be put outside. So I … Continue reading