Don’t come near me you yellow Ronald McDonald

Oh Christ.  I just agreed to stay at this kid’s house.  Only it’s not the right kid.  Yeah.  I thought I was talking to this nice but awkward kid.  But it’s this freako stalk guy.  Not even flattering myself here, this kid says hi up to 12 times on Facebook chat with no response from … Continue reading

Things not to do.

“Broadcasting her online buddies from her Facebook profile may not have been enough for one woman, as she chose to get this Social Tattoo featuring every one of them down her arm.  YouTuber user susyj87 sought the assistance of Tattoo Dex to get current photographs of her 152 Facebook friends inked onto her forearm. Settling … Continue reading

I always thought people who cull their Facebook friends list were assholes.

I figure they must have all kinds of time on their hands because it would be really difficult to sit there and pick who stays and who goes.  Because let’s face it, if you’re throwing all the annoying people overboard, you’ll be left with your gran and that fan page you started in 2008. I’ve … Continue reading

I can’t handle Facebook anymore.

You know those assholes you have on Facebook that post an endless stream of dribble? You alternate between wanting to: a. Hide, Delete, block and possibly report them.   OR b. Vow to never do the above ‘cos their verbal is diarrhoea is just too fucking hilarious Guyths I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore. … Continue reading

I’m not going to…

…“become a fan” of you on Facebook, sorry. I barely tolerate you in real life. Check yourself. thewhitesade. It’s even worse when you’re the one ‘suggesting’ the fan page you made for yourself.  I may be a troll but you’ve got to be kidding; pop off.