Okay, so I could sit here and pretend all my ridiculous antics happened in school and I’ve grown up to be a perfectly reasonable human being. Well I’d be lying. So let’s cut the horseradish and I’ll tell you a fairly recent story about why I’m still ridiculous and should be put outside.

    So I started university this year. (I’m not fresh out of school- worked for a law firm the year after school and then went to a different uni last year and studied International Relations). The university I now go to is about 3 hours from my home requiring me to live on campus along with a few thousand other fools. Before moving into my dorm I really was really worried I’d struggle to adjust; I mean I’m an only child, I’ve shared a bathroom for maybe 4 years of my life at most and now I’m living with 20 people. Oh, and I’m a fucking troll. Continue reading...

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FlavourWire. The Field of Dreams. Or so I thought.

So, I’m dicking around on FlavourWire and I come across “How to Have Fun Over the Holidays, Without Leaving Home” CLIIIICCKKK. I’ve got 4 months of holidays this summer and without a job, internetz and a tv this list is looking a little like a t-bone to a starving dog. Anyway, BRING ON THE ACTIVITIES! … Continue reading

Watching Rove LA..

What the fuck has my life come to? Fuck this I’m going to bed. I can dream shit better than this.

Must learn true size of own body

So I jammed myself into the corner of my bed frame again. I swear, I do this on a ridiculously frequent basis. It’s like I don’t know the parameters of my own body. I think I’m driving a hatchback when I’m really a sedan. Anyway, I’ve got a welt the size of my foot on … Continue reading

Things you say in your head and things you say on Facebook

Okay so there’s things you say in your head and then things you say on Facebook.  This is important to note because i’d say roughly 70% of you reading this are yet to truly internalize that morsel of wisdom.  Ie.  You’re over sharing motherfuckers. But let’s move on. My pal sends me a link entitled, The … Continue reading


1. SOAP BOX: CAN OF WORMS TO BE PUT IN THE TRASH- LIKE YOU WOULD, WELL, A CAN OF WORMS. If you, like I, think that Can of Worms is quite possibly the most ridiculous clusterfuck on TV right now, you would be right.  Besides all its obvious flaws, (tries to stir controversy in the most … Continue reading

Good Eggs. If Eggs are Pals.

My pal Emily Garrett‘s exponentially sweet review of Lil Wayne’s The Carter IV via Lisa N’paisan‘s creation Endeer Design: Many say Weezy had real guts releasing his eagerly anticipated album months after the original release date. Others murmur barely audibly that his rise from the ghetto and consequent success can only be rapped about so much (Tha Carter IV … Continue reading

I have regrets.

After a year of going without FreeCell on my mac, I caved.  I downloaded the thing a mere day ago and I’ve already played at least a hundred games.  It kind of calms me in a way. So I’m looking at my stats, pretty displeased they weren’t perfect.  And then it hits me, I can … Continue reading

So I’m watching…

Being Erica– a fantastic Canadian tv series might I add- and the main character is handed a vanilla latte.  She’s all grumpy and throws the latte into what is presumably a bin (the presumed bin is out of shot).  Anyway, this really bothered me.  Who throws a completely full cup of coffee in the bin…WITH … Continue reading

I used to consider myself a nature loving gal…

I mean, I loved trees; I even had a necklace with a tree pendant! But NOT when there are 50 or so laughing, tree planting gurneys outside my window being loud and offending my hungover brain. I’m not even kidding right now.  I checked to see what the commotion was earlier- by creepily peering outside … Continue reading

Okay guys here’s more proof exercise is the devil.

I think my work is done.

Okay so I cannot get over

that picture [WHY I DON’T EXERCISE].  I’m this close to sending it to this kid I know who goes to the gym everyday between the hours of 11 and 1am.  Just being all, ‘heyyyyyy we don’t really know each other but CHECK THIS OUT’.

and this my friends will forever be…

    My excuse for not exercising. “George Hincapie has ridden the Tour de France 15 times and it shows. Check out what all of that intense cycling has done to the veins in his leg.” Read more: TOUR DE FRANCE: After 15 Years Of Racing, George Hincapie’s Leg Veins Are Terrifying.

Untold Story: Ninja’s on Burqas

It’s safe to say the debate surrounding the burqa doesn’t appear to be resolved anytime soon. After all, A Current Affair would prefer their go-to stories remain topical. So you’ve heard there’s legislation overseas forcing burqa donned women to remove said garment in certain identification processes. Now it’s time to see the side of the … Continue reading

If you have eyes and a tea cosy.

Forget the tea cosy.  All you need is eyes.  Got ’em?  Good.  Peer that picture.   It’s fucking sweet right.  It’s by Tulsi Maya aka prettywhores or as I like to call her, one of the best fucking artists in Sydney. If you still have eyes (or have acquired as set in the last 40 seconds) … Continue reading